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Welcome to my blog where you can find tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to accomplish those crafting goals. I've been bit by the crafting bug and now I'm obsessed with learning how to do it all and I want to share my journey and (BONUS!!!....) teach and share what is learned along the way.

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  • Cyndi

"I can do that!"

If you are someone who looks at a custom or personalized item and thinks, "I can do that" then we are kindred spirits. Even though much research is done before attempting, results tend to vary 😂One thing is certain, practice may not make perfect, but it sure can be a fun adventure.

After jumping in feet first I believe anybody can do it. Helping others channel their inner creative self is part of the purpose of this page. The other part is to have fun along the way. (I mean, that isn’t a crime or anything. So why not?)

A lot of people think that they do not have a creative bone in their body, but I’m here to help. Don’t get me wrong, there are liable to be some disasters along the way but those can be fun too sometimes. Basically I want to share some of my creations and help others learn. But I also really want to share what others create because there are some SUPER DUPER creative people out there!

Excited to share a recent project of nautical cupcake picks that I made for my nephew's son's birthday.

Cyndi 💕

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