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Now let's do some more!

Welcome to my blog where you can find tips, tricks, and tutorials on how to accomplish those crafting goals. I've been bit by the crafting bug and now I'm obsessed with learning how to do it all and I want to share my journey and (BONUS!!!....) teach and share what is learned along the way.

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  • Cyndi

Oh!...This is going to be fun!

A whole new woorrrrrrld!!

When I say "Cyndi", you say "Did it!".

"CYNDI"..... "DID IT!"

"CYNDI"..... "DID IT!"

Yea Yea Yea.... Ooooo Ooooo.....

Let's do the Cyndi Did It Celebration Dance!

The dance that I do each time I successfully completed a first time project that looks great.

Hahahaha! I'm just kidding. I don't really do that. ;-)

......or do I? lol

I can tell you, honestly, that I do get super excited when I see something really cool and wonder... I wonder if I can do that? And then go out and try make it happen.

It doesn't always turn out great on the first attempt and lessons are learned along the way. This is my first blog post and I just wanted to introduce myself and explain a little bit about what you can expect from this blog.

I've always been someone who, after seeing something that I liked for myself, or finding a gift for someone else, I would just buy it and wrap it. Task accomplished! No thinking or creativity needed. Being someone who's could never really draw, I never thought that I could create anything that anyone would actually want. Especially looking around the world and seeing the many talented people out there who are super creative create masterpieces. I've always admired their talents.

Then...voila, I stumbled upon something called the Cricut Maker machine. I was intrigued decided to give it a go....because, why not?!

Shockingly enough, this machine made it possible to create customized items that people actually loved. Some even thought that I had ordered these items from a professional. (Sometimes I still think they were just being nice. lol)

Confession: Not every project has come out as great (or even presentable) as I would have liked. But hey, I just owned it. ......a bit embarrassed, but still owned it. I've only been making items for a few months. I have a full-time job that usually requires 40+ hours a week, plus a minimum of 2 hours commute time a day, so there is limited time to spend on crafting.

Turns out.....this crafting stuff really starting to give me an outlet from the crazy <insert choice word here>. It was love at first cut! I loved this machine so much that I talked and talked about it with my friends and co-workers. I should probably become a Cricut sales person because I've convinced a few of my friends that they needed one too!!!! LOL!!

For some reason my friends were scared to open their boxes and get started. I did what any good friend would do...... Invite them over for a girl's night in of crafting; a night where together we could pull their machine out of the box and get them set up. It was a night of learning how to slice, weld, attach, make, etc. <-- Cricut terminology. It was a blast! My friends faced their fears and they left with the confidence to go forth and explore the crafting world on their own. YAY!!!

I was so proud of them and I found a new love in the process. Sharing what I have learned and helping others learn how to create customized items that they could use, gift, or sell brought me so much joy. I could keep trying to convince more friends to buy the machine so that I could teach them how to create things, but I know that there are several others out there who are new to the crafting I decided to create a blog (and videos) to share what I have learned and bring others along on my journey of learning as much as I can and creating as much as I can.

Ready, Set, CRAFT!!!!

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