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Sharing crafting ideas and recipes

Because sharing is caring....

Have you ever seen someone's personalized gift or home decor and thought, "I wish I could make that?"A lot of people think that they do not have a creative bone in their body, but I believe that EVERYONE is creative. Yes I said everyone!


My passion for crafting and helping friends learn how to craft is what has driven me to create this blog for you containing helpful tips, tricks, and ideas that can help you create wonderful masterpieces of your own.


Some friends have gone on to sell their crafts as a side hustle, others have used their skill to provide beautiful decorations for parties. Some have made several t-shirts and home decorations for themselves and to give as special gifts.


I love to share the things I have created and learned and I REALLY LOVE to hear and see what my friends have created.  


Thank you for submitting!

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